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Information About Our Products
All of our products are grown and packaged, right here, in Gallatin Tennessee.

We will be adding three more varieties of Lavender to our field for the 2017 growing season.  The ground has been plowed, tilled, the final touches are near completion, and will be ready for planting our new plants which will be ordered soon, Oct 1016, for delivery in the spring of 2017.

Culinary Lavender, usage:

The amount of Lavender varies depending on the recipes and amount being cooked.  Remember that there are 3 teaspoons per tablespoon. and most recipes call for 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons of dried lavender.  Ground Lavender produces about three time the flavor.  So, use the amount, ground or unground, according to your taste. Just as a side note: I like it ground as well as grinding any other spices, with it, in the recipes that we use.

Buena Vista (2014):

This lavender is excellent for culinary purposes. This blooms twice per year - once in the late spring and again in fall in areas with long growing seasons and mild weather. Buena Vista has a strong fragrance, distinctive and very dark blue calyxes and lighter blue flowers.

Provence (2017): 30-36″ Intermediate Lavandin, 16-20″ stems;

Fragrant violet flowers, blooms mid-summer bloom, our favorite for sachets and culinary uses. This light colored, sweet smelling  flower is very fragrant in fresh bouquets. The fragrant blossoms leave the stalk easily, and because of that make great sachet.

Sachet (2017): 18-24″ English Lavender, 12″ stems,

Sky-blue flowers, sweet fragrance, early summer blooms, outstanding for culinary uses as well as sachets. Aptly named. Sachet is our number one choice for putting in our dryer bags, eye pillows and sachets. 

Ornamental Lavender:

Sharon Roberts English Lavender (2014): 20-24″

Dark purple blossoms that has a reputation for blooming both profusely and twice each summer.

Grosso (2017): 16-20″ stems,

Fresh, Dried, Craft. Intermediate Lavandin,

Where To Find Us, besides on our website:

Various sized bouquets:

     4 oz: $5.00

     5 oz: $7.00

     6 oz: $8.00

Ornamental Sachet:

Perfect for your lingerie drawer, for your car, or as a gift.

2 1/2 X 3" Sachets: $4

Heaven Scent Lavender Farm Ornamental Lavender Boquets

Culinary Sachet:

A great size for someone who is interested in trying a Lavender recipe for the first time.

4 1/2 teaspoons: $3


Thirteen tablespoons: $24


Nine tablespoons: $16


Nine tablespoons: $16


Two tablespoons: $14

Ink Well:

Six tablespoons: $12

Hexagon ar:

Two tablespoons: $5

Octagon Jar:

Five tablespoons: $9

Small Apothicary:

Five tablespoons: $11

Large Apothicary:


Fifteen tablespoons: $24

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